Wednesday, August 11, 2010

to blog or not to blog?

I have to thank the few of you who have commented on my captions and have shown appreciation for my work.  I know I can be guilty of not commenting enough on the captions I love on my friends' sites, but I am trying to turn things around.

To that effect, my last few captions have received few helpful comments or insights on how my readers enjoy or how they might change my caption ideas; thus making this blog about me posting caps and not really knowing what is going on.  I am really considering not using this blog any more and posting exclusively at my friend's sight (as I already do in addition to this site) A Bimbo's Sanctuary .  It is a great site and has plenty of captions to see provided that you participate in the forums.  Plus, I just posted a new addition to my Blind Dates series over there and would love to post them here sometime in the future.

Doing captions is not all about the recognition as these are some of my greatest fantasies that I am sharing with you all and really enjoy doing them, but I would rather not take the time to post at both places.  So, take this as an ultimatum if you wish, but I would really love to see some responses, because I really love hearing ideas and melding them with my own to come up with new captions.

I really hope to read more, but if not, I will likely bid you all a fond farewell and close the blog.


alyssafetishdoll said...

Aww :/

I absolutely love your captions dear, but don't have the time or commitment to meet Amber Chalise's site's strict posting requirements (I had an account once, but had it deleted for not posting for a few months!).

I know as well as anyone that it's difficult to attract comments on blogs such as these...I think realistically speaking, people like to get off on them and once they have, they don't really want to hang around and think in detail about what they've just done - and others are probably protective over their IP. That's how it is, but hopefully you'll realise that comments or no, more people than you realise read and enjoy your blog.

Hmm...okay, here's the deal, then. If you keep this blog open, I'll walk round my home town dressed as an absurd drag queen for a fact, I think everyone reading this should take the pledge. Don't take our SissifyMe away!

Shadow Phoenix said...

As alyssa said, your blog is a lot easier to keep up with than the Sanctuary. I personally don't post a lot because it's not much of a habit.

If SissifyMe sticks around, I'll comment on every caption from now on! The absurd drag queen pledge will have to wait until I get a nice, frilly dress though :3

sissymandyslut said...

If you think commenting is bad on your blog?! Have a look at mine: I do enjoy your caps hunny. I'm starting to involve myself more in Ambers forum so I can follow you there but your caps are by far the best I have seen on blogspot, not everyone involves themselves in forums. It's your decision finally. xx